How To Program Audio Guides RFID Using a Tag Writer

AudioConexus Audio Guide RFID Tag Writer

Audio Guides: How to Program RFID Tags

In recent posts, we’ve introduced you to auto-play audio guides and our optional audio guide RFID. Since then, we’ve had great feedback. But we do get a common question which is “How do we program the Radio-frequency identification (“RFID”) cards?” There’s no buttons, switches, or batteries.

Introducing the audio guide RFID Writer. This is a cradle designed to hold and interact with RFID cards while connected to a computer. This audio guide cradle allows you to read the “current card” (RFID Tag) so you can see its identification number.

An identification number is an audio file that you’d like to play when a RFID tag is swiped using an audio guide. For example, RFID tag #0012 corresponds to tour stop 12 on your tour.

Changing RFID Tags And Your Audio Tours

Any programmed RFID tag can be reprogrammed to suit your needs. What this means is, RFID tags in the cards can be changed as many times as you like without the need to purchase additional cards.

Writing RFID Tags For Your Audio Guides

To make the RFID Writer as easy to use as possible, we have a few unique options. The first of these is “Auto-Write”.  Auto-Write allows the current programming to be written to any RFID cards that come near to the card writer. Where normally you would place a card in the Tag Writer cradle and click “Write” using the computer software, now you only need to swipe the RFID card near the writer to have it programmed.

The second feature is “S/N +1”. The “S/N” represents the audio track you want to trigger on your audio guides. The +1 means that you can swipe multiple cards using the reader. For each card swiped, the Tag Writer adds 1.

When “S/N +1” is activated with a start “S/N” of 001:

The first programmed card will trigger track 001. The second programmed card will trigger track 002. The third programmed card will trigger track 003 and so on.

As you can imagine, using this feature makes your work efficient. After one round of practice, I programmed 10 RFID cards, numbering from track 001 to 010 in just over 10 seconds (smile).

AudioConexus RFID Tag Writer with Tag (card)








If you’re planning on using RFID systems for your museum, attraction or historic site, the RFID Writer is invaluable as a time saver. Learn more about our audio guides with RFID, click here.


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