Why Multilingual Commentaries Are More Important Than “Commentary Systems”

Multilingual Tour Commentary











: of, having, or expressed in several languages
: using or able to use several languages especially with equal fluency

If you’re thinking about providing multilingual commentary to your customers, you should be thinking about more than just technology.

You know that the decision you make on commentary systems is one step in the process. And you definitely understand the importance of providing great guided tours.

So what are the “other things” you should be considering?

Memorable commentary comes from making people feel good about your tours. Here are some guidelines:

  • Start with who you are and what you stand for. This is important because your multilingual tours should support who you are and how you want to be perceived in the market by your customers.
  • Every part of your narrative should support an over-arching theme that connects with your target audience in ways that make people feel good about your tour – and about themselves.
  • You may be in the sightseeing business – but you’re really in the entertainment and education business. What’s unique about taking your tour? How are you making people feel special? While offering multilingual commentary may serve an immediate market need or competitive advantage – what are you sharing to make lasting impressions for your customers?
  • Multilingual commentary systems don’t create competitive advantages. Your tours do. Focus on the customer experience first. Create audio tours for people who expect a great experience – with wonder, excitement, learning and awe. In all languages.
  • Lastly, tell great stories. We’ve been on too many sightseeing tours where points of interest are the road map for live guided and pre-recorded commentaries. Chances are, these points of interest are already on your customers’ checklist. So why speak about them like a Fodor’s guidebook? That’s what these guidebooks are for.

We’re not suggesting that you completely ignore what makes your destination unique. What we mean is, tell stories people can’t find in a guidebook. Share compelling stories people will want to talk about.

In summary, if you’re investing in commentary systems, invest in the customer experience first. You may have great multi-language commentary systems. But if you’re not providing memorable tours, people will tune out. Would you put up with a mediocre tour experience just because you bought the tickets?

Make your tours count – in all languages.

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