How to Clean Your Audio Guides

Cleaning Your Audio Guides

When cleaning your audio guides we recommend using antibacterial wipes. These wipes are safe to use on your audio guides and will not damage your guide’s exterior components.

Step One:

Remove audio guides from your charger station and place them in a clean dry area.

Step Two:

Remove an antibacterial wipe from its package. Using the wipe, clean your audio guide, (including its screen if it has one), wiping in a circular motion to remove any dust and debris. Do not allow any moisture to get into the audio guide’s openings (the headset inputs and the connection port at the bottom of the guide).

Then gently wipe the numeric buttons. Once you have wiped the front an back of an audio guide, dry off any excess moisture following the step below.

Step 3:

Wipe any moisture from the audio guide with a dry lint-free cloth. Place the audio guide back in its charger.

Electronic Wipes and Antibacterial Cleaners

You can buy antibacterial wipes specifically made for electronics. Here are a few links to assist you in your purchase:

Windex Electronics Wipes and Cleaner – 86% of reviewers recommend this product.

Celluwipes aren’t just for phones. You can use them on your audio guides as well.

MCM Electronics – Sheildme –  portable cleaning wipes for all electronic devices.


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