How Servicing Foreign Language Visitors Makes Your Business Grow

We are delighted to announce our work with Skagway Street Car Tours. To go back to the roots of this sightseeing company, we have to go back to the search for Klondike gold.

Martin Itjen, a man of many talents, arrived in Skagway hoping to strike it rich in 1898, and needing a profession (or many), he became the town’s local undertaker, Ford dealer, coal deliveryman, and the town’s most celebrated storyteller.

In 1923, Itjen gave the first sightseeing tour of Skagway for U.S. President Warren G. Harding. Driving his bright painted coal truck, Itjen jokingly referred to it as his “Street Car.” Continuing with this tradition, Itjen continued to provide his humourous sightseeing tours for decades, becoming Skagway’s premier tour agent. Over the years, the business has evolved to become the premier sightseeing experience in Skagway, Alaska, attracting visitors from all over the world.

To address the increases in foreign language visitors Skagway Street Car Tours contacted us to help them overcome the challenges of servicing foreign languages, especially for visitors disembarking from cruise ships. Working hand-in-hand with the team in Skagway, AudioConexus wrote and produced multilingual tours for passengers in seven languages, including English, Spanish, German, French, Dutch, Japanese, and Mandarin.

GPS triggered, audio theatre is delivered to passengers using wireless receivers and headsets, highlighting the rich history and stories of Skagway, its Waterfront and National Park Historic District, and panoramic views from a scenic overlook. After the installation was completed and the new foreign language services were launched, Skagway Street Car Tours began receiving praise from foreign language visitors.

Since the launch of multilingual tours earlier this summer the company has received high customer satisfaction ratings from foreign language guests. Skagway Street Car Tours is increasing their business by offering better sightseeing experiences.

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