3 Ways to Find the Right GPS Commentary System

I get really excited about technology“, admits AudioConexus CEO Jonathan Stanley. “But it’s the experience people remember. Technology is an important consideration”, he says. But choosing the right company with the knowledge and expertise to deliver products and creative services with flawless execution is equally important. “Creating compelling content for GPS commentary systems requires outside guidance. That’s where we come in“, he says.

Ultimately, the value of choosing a company that offers reliable commentary systems and engaging content is more tickets sold. Before choosing a company to provide GPS commentary you should be asking these three questions:

1. Does the company understand how to create compelling content?

Some companies write and produce audio tours for their GPS systems. But what do these tours sound like? Are they fun, entertaining and memorable? If you’re listening to audio samples envision yourself as a passenger. Does the audio make you feel better? Or is it limited to dry factual information found in every guidebook?

  • Do you feel entertained?
  • Did you learn something new?
  • Is the audio offer you an immersive experience?

2. Does the company understand how to create a tour architecture?

Think of making a grilled cheese sandwich without the cheese. You’re left with two pieces of toast that don’t stick. The cheese is the middle part of the sandwich that holds everything together. That’s what tour architecture does. It’s the expertise between the commentary system and the content. It’s how, when, where and why audio commentary is delivered at specific spots on your routes. Its’ what makes a seamless passenger experience – entertaining.

  • Does the company have lots of in-field experience in planning and route logistics?
  • What is their approach to providing entertainment?
  • How much research is involved and where?

3. What is the company’s record of reliability?

The most valuable consideration for your short and long-term success is reliability. Some companies contact us, albeit painfully, to tell us they’ve purchased commentary systems that don’t work reliably. To avoid this pitfall yourself, ask to speak with a company’s customers. Dig into old and recent installations and ask lots of questions.

  • Ask to talk to old customers – not just recent ones.
  • Find out how often commentary systems are serviced and why?
  • Learn more about a company’s warranty and service policies.

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