Who Are We?

About AudioConexus

AudioConexus Inc. provides GPS triggered and handheld audio and multimedia interpretation in the global tourism industry. Providing multilingual entertainment, AudioConexus has produced audio tours in more than 30 languages for premier brands around the world.

We seamlessly connect people to an eco-system of cultural and sightseeing experiences – on foot, over land and on water.

What We Offer

The only complete multilingual, multi-topical hardware, software and creative solution that offers adaptable, unique, five-star user experiences for ambitious, growth-oriented tour operators in local communities worldwide looking for a distinctive edge so that they can increase bookings year round in an era of formulaic tourist experiences and short attention spans.

About Our Team

We’re passionate about amazing results. And we’re fun. Serious Thinkers. We tinker and we play. We always improve. And work hard. We break rules. And we travel – a lot. We stay up late. And get up early. We inspire. And get inspired. We think original and collaborate with every customer to create a perfect solution. Every detail matters. Everything.

From GPS commentary systems to tour guide systems, we keep raising the bar for products our customers love.

We create better tours, helping people and companies – from Alaska to Singapore, from Iceland to Melbourne.

We work on opportunities near and far. On five continents and growing.

Our Vision

To shape the future of guided tours and create unprecedented value and opportunity for our customers.

Our Higher Purpose

Our Higher Purpose is to captivate the imagination by creating exceptional entertainment experiences about our world – shared experiences that inspire the human spirit and unite us in discovery.

Passionate for Amazing Results

Passion drives performance. Everyone here is passionate about what we do. We’re invested in every project. In every customer.

We care for our clients the way we want to be cared for. That’s why we oversee the entire lifecycle of our products and projects. Our team focuses on meticulous planning and an uncompromising commitment to bringing great tour products to market.

In a nutshell: Effective solutions. Expert Execution.

What We Do is Fun

AudioConexus provides thousands of audio tours daily. We create unique tour experiences developed by our writers, curators and educators about destinations, works of art, objects and exhibits.

Founded in 2006, AudioConexus is a global company with partners in North America, Europe, Latin America and Asia.

As Seen In

AudioConexus as seen in Wall Street Journal, NBC News and Yahoo Finance

“The GPS tour systems are easy to use and staff and guests are really pleased with the quality of the commentary making the London Eye happy to work with AudioConexus.”