Audio Tours

Audio Tours Your Customers Love.

We help museums, historic and cultural sites and tourist attractions create audio tours that enrich visitors’ experiences. AudioConexus has been creating audio tours for our customers around the world. We work closely with customers like you, to create experiences you can be proud of.

AudioConexus’s reputation for creating fun and engaging audio tours with some of the world’s most prestigious museums and attractions has been earned through our creative team. Our team is recognized throughout the industry for their creativity, innovation and ability to bring sites, objects and exhibits to life through stories that engage audiences.

Your audio tours are created by the people who visit your site. We work hand in hand with you and your team, giving you the power to share your vision, your ideas, and your experience. While we may lead you through the creative process, your input is a natural part of our creative process.

Explore. Entertain. Experience.

We’ve written hundreds of audio scripts. You can choose to explore unchartered worlds. Relive a different era. Be connected to rich histories and the people who made a difference while being guided through your destinations’ most treasured places. Your audio tours can be so much more that you might have imagined – whatever you want them to be.

More Than Meets the Eye.

We’ve created unique audio tour experiences for different audiences, environments, and platforms with one primary goal in mind: to deliver fun and engaging tours people remember.

Your audio tours are imaginative and dramatic, using immersive storytelling, making full use of theatrical sound. They are further enhanced by memorable narrators and characters.

Enhancing Visitor Experiences.

Recognized by tourism companies as a leader of innovation and creativity, AudioConexus enhances your visitor experience in the most cost-effective, impactful way.

We produce audio tours for:

  • International Visitors
  • Kids, Teens and Families
  • Virtual Visitors
  • Hearing Impaired Visitors

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