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Archaeological wonders, prolific painters, history and heritage, thematic city sightseeing and more — AudioConexus covers just about any audio tour genre. And our world-class writers and producers provide an epic experience. It’s all the makings of a tour that keeps your audience engaged and entertained.

Discover the many ways we can work together to make the most of your visitor experience.

The Perfect Template For Every Story.

Creating a memorable tour requires the right mix of process, creativity, experience and expertise. That’s why we’ve created custom project templates designed to fit every tour. Even before you get started, you’ve got a proven process that works.

Give Your Best Tour Yet.

A tour made for your organization like no other. That’s because we collaborate. We share. We dig for great stories. And we give you the power and flexibility to do more than you ever thought possible. Our tours are designed specifically to take advantage of the technology built into our solutions. And with people like you who love to get engaged in our Creative Process, there’s no telling where the next tour will take us.

As Your Story Unfolds

Discover what it takes to make your tour great:

Script Writing
People don’t respond well to the mere recitation of facts and figures.  However, they always connect with well-told stories. You can count on a great story to capture the imagination of your audience. Why professional writers matter.

Foreign Language Translation
When creating audio tours in more than one language, we have a well honed process in place to deliver high-quality tours that are engaging and entertaining. Read more.

Sound Design and Production
It’s what lifts the sails – and gives your tour “life”. Our goal, from writing and foreign language translation to sound design and mixing, is to captivate imaginations.

Commentary Integration
One of the least understood aspects of creating and implementing a successful GPS-guided audio tour is the architectural design needed for the ultimate experience. Learn why.

Learn how you can help your customers create memories that last a lifetime. Call us now to learn more about our Creative Process and why it's been so successful for businesses like yours.