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Watch our Video Featuring Boats and Trolleys

Watch our feature video on two sightseeing companies providing better tours in multiple languages. Kingston Trolley Tours and Kingston 1000 Islands Cruises talk about why they chose AudioConexus, sharing their experiences with our team and technology.

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The Worst Sin is to be Boring

Many companies provide information about “points of interest” or processes encountered along the way — what’s on the right, what’s on the left. We often make the error of believing we are telling a story, when, in fact, they’re simply talking about a route.

Don’t be boring.

Better Storytelling. Better Visitor Experiences.

Storytelling is the heart and soul of a great tour narrative. An effective guided tour has more than a beginning, a middle and an end; it has a point. A great tour, with a great story as its core and context, is infused with its own particular magic and energized by its own unique electricity.

We create great tour narratives by using every tool of storytelling at our imaginative disposal — historical persona, single and multiple narrators, music, sound effects, and dramatic reenactment — not only to engage the attention and sustain the interest of your audience, but to immerse them within an enhanced experience they won’t forget.

That’s why a great tour is story-driven, it entertains; that’s what makes it truly memorable.

Read Our Case Studies

Blue Boat Company in Amsterdam, Netherlands which operates a fleet of canal boats, replaced its laptops which manually played sequential commentary with AudioConexus GPS Multilingual Commentary Systems. With a new GPS triggered audio tour solution, Blue Boat expanded the number of languages it offers, with sightseeing tours playing simultaneously for passengers. Blue Boat furthered its reputation for high quality tours by completely revamping its passenger experience with new audio commentaries, gaining new customers and partnerships in Amsterdam.

Click here to read our Blue Boat Company Case Study.

Skagway Street Car Company, Inc. in Skagway, Alaska, which operators a fleet of street cars and buses, services visitors and cruise ship guests who arrive at The Port of Skagway, located at the northernmost, ice-free, deep water port in North America. Providing live guided tours in English, Skagway Street Car Company implemented TriggerPOINT Wireless multilingual tour commentary systems on its vehicles to address the growing demands of foreign language visitors arriving by cruise ship. Since the installation of the systems, the company has increased its foreign language business, while achieving the highest customer satisfaction ratings possible from exit surveys.

Click here to read our Skagway Street Car Company Case Study.

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