HearMe Tour Guide Headset System

Tour Guide Headset Systems Make Tours Better

Tour guide headset systems can make your tours better. Why? Because wireless tour guide systems are designed to eliminate the distracting sounds in a noisy environment so that your guests receive the experience they deserve.

If you are experiencing problems with noise, like guides who have to shout to be heard by visitors or listeners who can’t hear what’s being said, we recommend a tour guide system. This headset system allows a tour guide to speak comfortably and with ease to their group without disturbing others.

More Lightweight For a Whole New Experience

HearMe Tour Guide Systems are defined by their ability to provide tour groups with the high-quality digital sounds of your voice.

HearMe provides 80 channels of digital radio transmission without any interference from outside sources or adjacent channel intermediation. In other words, you get clean, crisp, clear sound performance between your tour guides and their groups.

A Wearable Tour Guide Headset System and Group Tour Solution

Our wireless transmitters and receivers are made using a high impact plastic with LED indictors for Channel Connect and Low Battery. Any number of receivers can be used with a single wireless transmitter, so whether your group is 5 or 100 people, you can guide with ease knowing no guest is being left behind.

Simple to use chargers provide you with convenient storage and Intelligent Trickle Charging for your devices with options for 25-unit carry cases for portability or 50 unit chargers for rack-mount storage.

Add an Audio Source with Using an Aux Input

All of our tour guide wireless transmitters include an Auxiliary input for an audio guide or any mp3 device you may have. It’s a smarter way to provide both live tour guide and pre-recorded commentary to your tour group simultaneously.

What does this mean for you exactly?

We’ve had many clients who want to control the message being heard by their tour groups, so they provide a blend of live guided commentary (from their tour guides) and scripted prerecorded audio which gets played by tour guides at several stops along their tour. This solution provides high-quality, consistent visitor experiences every time your tours depart and allows your guide to better manage the tour.

Feature Rich And Simple To Use

You won’t just be using a tour guide system designed to link tour guides with their groups. With features like Channel Lock, a LCD Display, Smart Charging, Adjustable Frequencies, Auto-Off, Energy Saving Sleep Mode and one-time battery detection and charging indicators, you’ll be using a lightweight tour guide system that is easy to use.

The tour guide headset system has an operating range of up to 70 metres (230 feet) outside and about 50 metres (165 feet) indoors, a solution for the continual frustrations created by guests wandering more than an arm’s reach away.

Your HearMe Tour Guide System

With the HearMe tour guide system, you know your guides will be interacting and connecting with guests in ways that create enriching and long lasting experiences. At the end of the day, it’s what your guests have come for and should always leave with. Let HearMe help your guests hear you.

"The tour guide system that we purchased from AudioConexus is EXCEEDING our expectations."