Interactive Multimedia Guide

The Ultimate Player. In the Palm of Your Hand.

Introducing a revolutionary player platform and multimedia guide.  Meet the MPtouch Interactive™, a fully Wi-Fi enabled, large, touchscreen player that delivers an immersive visitor experience.  The MPtouch Interactive™ has the power to create amazing things.

Crystal Clear Picture Quality.

The new wide viewing angle 5” capacitive screen with anti-glare (for much greater sensitivity) presents 96% more screen than an iPod touch. So you’ll see the smallest details like never before – with an even better indoor and outdoor viewing experience.

The Most Advanced, Integrated Platform Yet.

With the power of a 1.5GHz processor and 1GB of DDR RAM, this multimedia player is the industry’s most comprehensive platform. The MPtouch Interactive™ is designed for connectivity, unifying Wi-Fi, Bluetooth 4.0 (including BTLE), Global Positioning System navigation with AGPS support, FSK for alarm systems and FM for live guided user experiences.

Seamless Device Updates.

Uploading new multimedia content on your devices is effortless. Players check in to a server, downloading your latest content when you need it. In fact, every new feature is designed to make your tours even better and easier to manage. Now you can take advantage of all the things you don’t get with a smartphone device.

Your Own Content, In Your Control.

The MPtouch Interactive™ is a breakthrough platform that harnesses the power of the Android kernel, version 4.4, API level 19. In simple terms, the entire platform is designed so you can build your own content into apps without first submitting them to the Google Play store. It comes pre-loaded with an intuitive templated tour, which allows you to build and edit complex content by simply altering the file name of the media files.

At the same time, MPtouch Interactive™ plays over half a million Android apps on the Google Play Store. So if you have built an app for smartphone distribution, you can offer it via MPtouch Interactive™ to your onsite visitors as well.

Integrated KeyPad. Optional Automated Triggering.

This interactive player offers FSK, BTLE, and GPS triggering for just about any content you want to share. This includes remote activation of your audio from external FSK triggers or even from another MPtouch Interactive™!

Just want to use a traditional keypad? No problem. The MPtouch Interactive™ offers a touchscreen keypad.

More Brilliant. More Opportunities.

Looking for two solutions in one? Meet the MPtouch Interactive’s™ all-in-one Tour Guide System. Using an optional body-worn transmitter and head-worn boom microphone your MPtouch Interactive™ players can be used for live guide interpretation. Select the Live Guide Button on your device. You’re now synced with your tour guide and ready to go!

Tour Guides can also push content to visitors in a group using the Frequency-shift keying “FSK” trigger feature. Everyone in a group gets the same tour at the same time in their chosen language.

All Day Use. Designed For Tough Environments.

The battery is designed for all-day, repeat distribution. And the device is ruggedized within an integral rubber frame. It is easy to hold with one hand and can be provided with a wide lanyard ideal to promote events, sponsors or on-site branding.

Custom Made Chargers. Easy Distribution.

Chargers designed for the MPtouch Interactive™ are modular, charging ten players each. What’s even better is the chargers slot together, allowing you to charge 100 players at a time from a single PC.

Your chargers offer you functional inter-connectivity, stackable vertically or horizontally to fit into almost any space.

Gain Analytics. The All-In-One Powerful Platform.

MPtouch Interactive™ records every keystroke made in each user session. This powerful user data is easily downloaded, providing you with meaningful reports on track order, track completion, language distribution, etc. Need more information? No problem. We can provide analytics specific to your needs. Pulling all of this information off devices is easy. The MPtouch Interactive™ platform is supplied with a non-transferable limited license for Reptor™, a one-to-many upload and download software.

Accessibility Matters.

Featuring CD quality sound and an optional teleloop, you can provide greater accessibility for the hard of hearing. Fully compatible with T-Switch and induction loop hearing aid technologies, we offer a variety of accessories to make your visitors feel great about their experience.

You can also provide sign language tours, utilizing the player’s multimedia capability, and audio descriptive tours for the visually impaired.

"From research and script writing to design and (app) development, AudioConexus was a true collaborator in developing a new and experimental experience for museum guests. Thanks to the team at AudioConexus!"