Our Core Values

Companies that get complacent — doing the same things in the same old way, accepting the notion that “good is good enough” — end up embracing mediocrity. At AudioConexus, we embrace and drive change.

Our 10 Core Values

Our Core Values provide us with the framework for all decisions affecting our company, our brand, and our business strategies.

Each Core Value relates closely to the others. For instance, building relationships through integrity (Core Value #3) is part of being a brand ambassador (#9). Being fun, adventurous, and courageous (#6) helps us deliver WOW (#1). Embracing small causes (#2) supports constant improvement (#7), drives change (#8), and provides one more rock in our castle wall (#10).

1. Deliver WOW Through Customer Experience

In our industry, WOW is an overused word. But we don’t overuse it. We create it.

WOW doesn’t mean satisfactory. It means outstanding, surprising, compelling, memorable! WOW is the reaction we want from clients, visitors, suppliers, partners, and each other. It’s right there in our mission statement — that’s WOW in a nutshell.

WOW is what differentiates us from other companies. We care deeply about our clients. We seize opportunities to exceed expectations and do the unexpected. We encourage new ideas and initiative, and actively solicit feedback. We strive to WOW people every day. Because WOW stays with them long after a project is finished.

2. Embrace Small Causes

Small causes have a big impact. They give each of us the power to effect meaningful change, making all our jobs easier and what we do better.

Providing positive experiences is one small cause we serve every day. Focus on the little things you do. From the way you interact with a vendor to a single connection point on a commentary system, nothing goes unnoticed. One small improvement is easy to make. Many small improvements over time add up to exponential change.

If we each championed one small cause every week, we would achieve hundreds of changes collectively as a group. What kind of company could we be a year from now?

3. Build Relationships Through Integrity

Integrity helps us build healthy relationships, and helps clients succeed. It’s at the heart of our brand and our culture. We tell the truth and keep our promises. We live by the highest standards of personal and professional ethics.

No matter how many people work for AudioConexus, we will always act like a small company. We pride ourselves on responsiveness and individual attention. If we don’t have a solution, we’re not afraid to refer customers to competitors. We look people in the eye, doing business in person or over the phone whenever possible. Especially for the hard stuff.

4. Build Positive Teams and Value Opinions

Our culture is founded on teamwork. We care about our work, the team, and the team’s work. We believe in each other.

Building positive teams means respecting other people’s opinions, encouraging new ideas, and being willing to learn from others. At AudioConexus, we’re adaptable, reliable self-starters who make things happen. But we keep each other in the loop to avoid surprises, and work together to solve problems. We rally behind each other, celebrate our successes, and learn from our failures.

5. Be an Effective Communicator

Teamwork, decision-making, and problem solving all depend on effective communication. Effective communication prevents misunderstandings and mistakes, and inspires trust.

Aim to be a great communicator. Think your message through, express it clearly, and adapt new communication strategies in different situations. Support meaningful discussions by listening first and speaking second. When we fail to actively listen and respond to what we’ve heard, we waste time, miss opportunities, and create unnecessary stress.

Effective communication can only happen in a relationship built on trust. Trust unleashes the full potential of our team and our clients for creativity, collaboration, and mutual happiness.

6. Be Fun, Adventurous, and Courageous

Every experience we create should be genuinely fun. That’s impossible if we don’t have fun creating them. Of course, fun should never happen at someone else’s expense. We value diversity and mutual respect.

Adventurous people have more fun. Cultivate an open mind and get comfortable navigating without a map. Exploring new ideas and taking risks play a role in everything we do.

It takes courage to accept risks while acknowledging the uncertainty of the future. We’re not afraid to face challenges and make mistakes, as long as we don’t make the same mistakes again. Courage, adventure, and fun build value for our clients and keep us ahead of our competitors.

7. Pursue Constant Improvement

Innovation depends on continually strengthening our performance. We must constantly exceed our own high expectations, surpass past performances, and make our processes better and simpler.

Foster continual improvement by sharing knowledge with each other and collaborating to eliminate unnecessary details and difficulties. Take pride in having a can-do attitude: we’re always there with the exact solution for our clients’ needs, when they need it.

Never be satisfied with where we are now. Raise the bar. Go beyond your comfort zone to take on new challenges or push for higher levels of performance. Always seek to improve yourself both professionally and personally— a job that doesn’t encourage you to grow isn’t much of a job.

8. Lead and Drive Change

At AudioConexus, we lead by being who we aspire to become: the leader in our industry. Each of us has an opportunity to exercise leadership and to drive change.

This means taking individual responsibility to exceed expectations for tasks and objectives. It means seeking new challenges, constantly evolving as individuals, as a team, and as a company. This is where learning happens. Learning drives our passion. Learning gives us NEW.

NEW Insight. NEW Productivity. NEW Solutions. NEW Experiences.

9. Be A Brand Ambassador

Sales and marketing are not isolated departments. We’re all in sales and marketing. Each of us is our company’s most important brand ambassador.

Everything we do reflects who AudioConexus is and what we represent. Every interaction, phone call, meeting, and strategy defines our brand: how people actually think and feel about our organization.

We always have our clients’ best interests at heart — and projecting a positive brand image assures them we do. If one of us fails to provide a great customer experience, we all fail. Be sincere, authentic, and transparent. Build mutual trust by making people feel good and making their lives better.

10. Collect Rocks to Build Castles

Managing growth and change means confronting new problems every day. Challenges can seem like rocks: heavy, hard to move, in the way. But rocks can be useful.

Moving rocks — solving problems — is part of everyday life in any workplace. When we can’t move a rock ourselves, we don’t give up. We learn a lesson in humility and ask for help. Together, we have the strength to face any challenge.

Facing new challenges stimulates learning and growth, just as moving many rocks makes us stronger. Once we solve a problem, we don’t discard what we’ve learned — we don’t leave that rock by the wayside. We add it to our foundation of knowledge and expertise. We use our rocks to build castles in the cloud!