Audio Guides – Enrich Your Visitors’ Experiences

Audio Guides for Museums, Attractions, Cultural and Historic Sites and Walking Tours

Audio Guides. Offer an Emotionally Moving Experience.

Imagine your visitors using audio guides as they are captivated by a truly engaging audio experience in their language. Envision the joy as visitors’ encounter lively stories and interesting education at their own pace throughout your tour. Reap the benefits of happy customers who love what you have offered them.

The AudioConexus audio guide system was created to give you these benefits. Our Audio Guide is powerful, flexible, and cost effective enough for any museum, historic site, or cultural attraction.

Your Stories. Your Way.

With audio guides designed for recorded spoken commentary in one or many languages, you can:

Increase visitor interest. Provide education. Make people smile. Improve visitor flow. Captivate imaginations. Share great stories.

We help museums, historic sites and cultural attractions meet their goals of affordable entertainment, giving organizations and non-profits the power and flexibility to do more for less.

No Fees. No Ongoing Costs.

Our audio guide makes it easy to create, deliver and share engaging audio tours. Easy to use by all age groups, we offer high performance audio interpretation systems that offer digital audio in a solid state MP3 player.

No cost software. And no ongoing licensing fees. This means that you can update and change your audio tour content as often as you want, because we believe audio belongs to its rightful owner – you!

More Content. When You Want It.

Want to provide your tours in eight languages, in two topics? Make your tour as long as you like and choose to grow when you need to. Audio Guides include room for 32 languages and 950 tour stops (for every language), giving you more choice for expansion down the road.

You use industry standard mp3 files. And visitors play, pause and stop audio when they want to. Two people can share one device. And the audio guides are used for 10 continuous hours on a full charge.


Featuring CD quality sound and an optional teleloop, you can provide greater accessibility for the hard of hearing. Fully compatible with T-Switch and induction loop hearing aid technologies, we offer a variety of accessories to make your visitors feel better about their experience.

Why Rent? Buy For Less.

Whether you work at a museum or for a non-profit, why rent when you can buy for less? While companies love rental models because they make more money, our customers’ appreciate affordable prices.

We provide free software for content management and a USB cable with every audio guide purchase.

“AudioConexus exceeded our expectations by creating audio tours that strike a perfect balance ... maintaining the calm, serenity in our gardens while providing the high quality edutainment visitors seek.”