Multilingual Commentary Systems – Hard-wired

Multilingual Commentary Systems for Buses, Boats, Trolleys, and Trains

The Most Advanced Multilingual Commentary System. Ever.

Designed for mobile entertainment, GPS multilingual commentary systems open up a new world of possibilities for sightseeing companies.

We work with the very best sightseeing companies around the world, offering advanced and reliable multilingual commentary systems with expert installation, and we back our work up with some of the best warranties in the industry. Even better, we create more enjoyable tours that your customers will long remember, making your sightseeing company stand out in one or many languages. Together, we turn your business into an immersive audio entertainment experience.

We help to provide your customers with better tours for better value while increasing your profile in the market.

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GPS Intelligent Proximity Triggering.

Intelligent Proximity Triggering is dynamic software that triggers your multilingual commentary precisely at the right place each and every time. All this takes place automatically so that your multilingual tours always run at peak performance.

Multilingual Commentary. Amazing Performance.

Two microphone inputs for live guides mean you can share your multilingual commentary system with drivers, captains and step on guides. Live commentary is heard by passengers at the audio controller which makes it fast and fun to organize your tours. And with three audio inputs for external devices such as iPods, CD and DVD players, and one audio out for PA systems, you’ll be amazed by the flexibility you have in a smaller, lighter design.

Easy for Drivers. Easy for Guides.

The Driver Control Panel makes your multilingual commentary system simple and efficient for what you need everyday. With play, pause and stop features – in all languages, on and off your sightseeing routes, you can play safety announcements, off-route commentary, and promotional audio whenever you need it.

Passenger Alerts. Perfect Commentary.

Multilingual tour commentary on your routes can be preceded by an audio chime and/or flashing seat-back controllers that prompt passengers to put on their headsets/ ear buds. Just choose one or the other or both. These features are optional – based on your personal preferences.

Ten Music Channels. Love Music.

Along with your tour commentary, up to 10 stereo music channels can be stored on your commentary system, giving passengers even more choices for entertainment. The “Juke-Box” mode means your music plays on available headset channels.

Easy Installation. Fault Tolerance.

The seat-back audio system is state-of-the-art. Built to last, our multilingual commentary systems are easy to manage. You can change your tours using free software or the Control Panel, including powerful features and fault tolerance. With CD quality sound to all passengers, you’ll quickly see the advantages of an automatic, effortless multilingual commentary system.

Passenger Audio Controllers. Weatherproof.

Passenger audio controllers are vandal resistant, designed for long life -even in prevailing weather conditions. Designed with innovative touch conductive buttons with no mechanical moving parts (mechanical parts wear out over time) passengers simply touch the controller to set the volume and select a channel. The set-and-forget design also ensures no user intervention is required for daily operations.

Powerful. Innovative. Route Builder.

With its easy-to-use interface, Route Builder offers advanced features and proven stability. Create new routes and Points of Interest in just a few clicks. Drag and drop way points. Add new languages and tour topics in seconds. Even organize multiple routes without leaving the interface. Update, edit, add passenger alerts, create directional triggers, and even explore your commentary points using Street View, 360-degree street-level imagery. All this and much more – all for free with no annual licensing fees.

What You Need To Know.

If you don’t want provide better tours and gain new customers who speak foreign languages, this eBook will be a complete waste of time. However, if you’re thinking about multilingual commentary systems and how they’ll improve your business, we’re sure you’ll find some useful information here. Tell us what you think? We’d love to hear from you.

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