Route Builder Software

Route Builder software for GPS multilingual commentary systems

Simple to Use. Simple to Setup.

We have focused on one goal: making easy-to-use software so you can create, manage, and change your tours without any help. This means even novice computer users can use Route Builder without having to rely on technical support.

You don’t need to know anything about databases. Route Builder creates one for you – automatically.

Powerful. Innovative. Route Builder.

With its easy-to-use interface, Route Builder offers advanced features and proven stability. Create new routes and Points of Interest in just a few clicks. Drag and drop way points. Add new languages and tour topics in seconds. Even organize multiple routes without leaving the interface. Update, edit, add passenger alerts, create directional triggers, and even explore your commentary points using Street View, 360-degree street-level imagery. All this and much more – all for free with no annual licensing fees.

Your Content. When You Need It.

You name your route and your (POIs) “Points of Interest”, also displayed on the Driver’s Control Panel. Right click on Google Maps and add a new POI. Edit POIs from the comfort of your office. Or move a GPS waypoint in the field fast using the Driver Control Panel.

You can easily set directional waypoints (triggers commentary based on the direction your bus is moving), size of GPS waypoint zone (used to trigger commentary as it enters a geographic area), type of GPS trigger (we offer several ways to trigger commentary), and set GPS lag (delaying the playback of audio commentary based on logistical considerations such as tunnels).

Training. Everything You Need To Know.

During our time on-site, we train your staff so they are fully equipped to make changes to your tours after we’ve left.

But we also have customers who manage the installation themselves. In these cases, our support time is minimal due to the ease of use of the software and its advanced features.

See for yourself just how easy Route Builder is to set up and use! Schedule a call today and we will show you just how simple it is.