Single Language GPS Commentary Systems

Commentary Systems and Audio Tours for Buses, Boats and Trains

Give Your Best Tour Yet.

Introducing the new GPS Single Language Commentary System. With a Driver Control Panel, Auto-GPS Detection and new route building software, it’s the best commentary system ever.

Use the new GPS Tour System, and suddenly you’ll know why it’s something you’ll love. With an optional Driver Control Panel, you’ll gain the advantage of a hands-on experience, made even better by its new play, pause and stop features for off-route commentary, safety announcements and promotional audio. And the system is capable of much more than you ever imagined.

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Commentary Systems. Automatic. Easy.

With Auto-GPS detection, your system listens for the GPS antennae. If it doesn’t hear it, the system defaults to “manual mode only”. If you don’t require GPS, there are no switches or software to learn. GPS automatically turns on when a GPS receiver is connected to your commentary system.

Manage Your System Like Never Before.

Our most asked for feature is now available, an optional Driver Control Panel that provides manual play, pause and stop features for commentary you can play anytime, anywhere.

Smart technology is built into every system. If you want to move a GPS waypoint – now you can from the Driver Control Panel. Play music between tour commentary. Manage multiple routes. And add an audio chime to alert passengers audio is about to begin. Manage the system in ways you never could before.

GPS Tours. Intelligent Proximity Triggering.

Say you’re looking to GPS trigger commentary in the middle of an intersection. Intelligent Proximity Triggering is dynamic software that triggers your commentary precisely at the right place each and every time. All this takes place automatically so that your tours always run at peak performance.

Free Software. No Licenses.

If you’re purchasing a commentary system why do you have to pay for software? Any why pay annual licensing fees? We think Route Builder Software should be free – and it is. We’ve not only updated our software with enhanced features, our software has been designed from years of experience in the field. We’ve encountered every logistical challenge you can think of, and we’ve applied our in-field knowledge by creating easy to use software anyone can use – for any situation. We don’t hire techies to run our software. And you shouldn’t have to either.

Better Designed GPS Commentary Systems.

Our systems aren’t just about GPS. With Remote Power-Up Connection and RJ45 ports with LED status lights to indicate active power and communications with the GPS receiver and control panel, our commentary systems stand out. We’ve added a Relay Output connection for external signs and included free software so that you can create and manage your sightseeing routes from the comfort of your office (or on the road).

But that’s not all. We’ve added a new AUX connection for external scrolling or static LED signs and audio amplifiers and a new USB connection to synchronize and update your tours using our Route Builder software. Add an optional audio chime that informs passengers’ that commentary is about to begin and store 100’s of hours of commentary.

With a smaller physical size (170mm x 90mm x 45mm) and 12V – 24V operation with internal over current protection, you’ll always have the perfect solution for any environment.

By providing GPS tour commentary on the river, we’ve been able to share our history and our stories so that everyone gets the same great experience. The system runs flawlessly and guests (and staff!) really like it!