Souvenir Audio Guides People Keep

Audio Guide tours for museums, attractions, and walking tours

Low Cost Audio Guide. Your Visual Branding.

Introducing a new way to deliver audio. A smart audio guide player combining audio with your visual branding. Whether used for audio tours or other information delivery, this low-cost audio guide represents a powerful branding and retail revenue opportunity.

The credit card sized audio guide securely stores and delivers your message in any language, anywhere.

A Perfect Companion.

In tourism, the InHand Guide is the perfect  companion for sightseeing tours by bus, cruise ship, and (especially) walking tours.  In fact, it’s the perfect device for any “group” conference. The ability to speak directly, one-on-one, to a wide audience creates a powerful opportunity for corporate branding.

For organizations seeking to provide self-directed or guided audio tour experiences and information for: destinations, off-shore excursions, historic and cultural sites, national parks, or any other event, the souvenir audio guide removes the need for tracking and collection of devices.

All in One Package.

Your low-cost audio guide comes complete with: stereo earphones; a map and information guide; and a private labelled gift box, poly bag or retail blister pack. Battery operated, this low cost audio guide is thin, light and so expandable. With several memory options, this new design is a breakthrough in audio delivery. This means you get the benefit of a low cost device with great sound in a slim device.

The best part is: your customers get to enjoy, keep and share their experience with friends and family after they’ve used it.

Our InHand Guide is branded and recorded specifically for your requirements with several memory options.

With a variety of meaningful applications, this low-cost audio guide is set to change the way information is delivered (and heard) by visitors everywhere.

"Recording our new tour script through AudioConexus worked flawlessly and we’re very happy with how professionally it was done and sounds. Thank you for everything.”