Mobile Tour Apps and Tour App Builder

Tours for Museums, Attractions, Walking Tours, Buses, Trains and Boats

Tour Apps For a New Generation of Travelers.

Developed to address the gap between proprietary multimedia guides and organizations seeking to provide multimedia experiences, Tour Apps offer an affordable alternative to expensive devices.

With an integrated keypad, Point of Interest (POI) directory, interactive maps, and slide show and photo gallery, we’ve unhinged the requirement for proprietary technology.

Using maps, visitors explore indoor facilities and outdoor Points of Interest using audio, video, photos and textual content. This provides advantages over GPS only, adding the flexibility of an integrated keypad for indoor and outdoor audio-visual interpretation.

Mobile Tour Apps Using Tour Apps Builder

Better Tours. Multiple Applications.

Museums, archaeological sites, walking tours including shoreside and port services, visitor attractions, hotels and schools are providing multimedia tours to enhance visitor experiences – indoors and out.

You can create high quality tour apps quickly with all of the features you expect. Like pinch and zoom. Rotate. And swipe.

The media rich content of your tour is delivered on Apple iOS and Android platforms.

Easily distribute your tour apps using interactive maps and a full range of text, photos, illustrations, audio, and video.

Choose The Way You Want To Work.

Our software functions like modular building blocks, combined in a variety of different ways. So you can provide visitors with what they need now, and in the future. And you can choose the way you want to work.

Our end-to-end team can create applications for you designed to make an impact. Or you can use Tour Apps Builder that allows you to see your app as you build it. Edit. Update. And Publish. From the Web. On your time. On your terms.

Tour Apps Builder. Intuitive. Easy.

The Tour Builder Application is a powerful mobile app tool used to create beautiful apps using a Web Browser. Using templates, you can create new tour apps, adding text, audio, video, photos, interactive maps, social media streams and so much more.

Our Tour Builder App has some distinct advantages;

  • Create, update and manage your tour from any computer with an internet connection.
  • Upload pictures, audio, movies and more directly to the web browser with no hassle.
  • Simple to use, intuitive web interfaces keep things easy and direct.
  • See your mobile app on the web page as you go.
  • You can even interact with your app before you ever put it on a mobile device.

Video and picture galleries bring your history to light. Facebook, Twitter and RSS feeds allow your customers tap into the latest information. This tour app builder even supports online and offline web sites. You can stream information from the World Wide Web, or store an entire website devices for instant access.

Three GPS map options allow you to choose classic or topographic map styles to suit your tour. Even better, some of these map types don’t need an Internet connection to work. So you don’t need to worry about wireless signals half way up a mountain or in the dungeons of an old fortification. We’ve got you covered. The AudioConexus Tour Builder Application creates applications for both IOS (Apple) and Google Android. Let the world see your work, or use it exclusively on your own tour devices. The choice is yours.

The Tour Apps Builder gives you the same functions of a custom-made tour app, set in an intuitive interface for less money.

More Than Technology. Creative Expertise.

Many people who contact us are looking for more than applications. They’re looking for expertise. We work with premier brands and non-profits around the globe because we know what it takes to deliver a great tour. If you’re considering a new app, you’ll have questions. We’re here to help.

"From research and script writing to design and (app) development, AudioConexus was a true collaborator in developing a new and experimental experience for museum guests. Thanks to the team at AudioConexus!"