Tour Guide Systems For Wireless Communications

Tour Guide Systems for Museums, Attractions, Walking Tours, Buses, Trains and Boats

Tour Guide Systems. No More Yelling. Get Happy.

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Why tour guide systems? Many of us have experienced frustration trying to hear and understand our tour guides from afar. Tour groups often have a hard time hearing their guide. And tour guides, communicating with their groups, often have no alternative but to raise their voices to be heard.

Introducing a better way to provide tours for your groups. Our ieXplore tour guide system is an easy-to-use wireless communication system designed specifically for guides and groups.

AudioConexus tour guide systems are being used for museum tours, art tours, factory tours, offshore excursions, employee training and language interpretation. Since hearing is a critical part of your visitor’s experience, each system is designed to reduce noise and meet ADA requirements.

Move Freely. Helping People Hear More.

Your wireless receivers’ multi-channel design enables visitors to select the tour and/or language of their choice. An easy to use language selection switch is located on top of the receiver. This wireless tour guide system is suitable for indoor and outdoor use and allows visitors to move freely during their entire visit.

Our wireless receivers are lightweight, worn on a belt or around the neck with a lanyard.

Eliminate Frustration. Rid Noise. Fatigue.

The body-worn wireless transmitter will broadcast your driver, interpreter or tour guide’s voice to everyone in their group at a comfortable conversation speech level. The tour guide system is wireless and there is no microphone to carry. Guides speak to their group as if the group was an arms length away – communicating over distances of 80 metres open field.

Excellent for driver led tours on or off the bus, walking tours, tour guide led tours, factory tours, outdoor events, classroom education, training, and conferences – ieXplore solves the following problems: background noise, distance; and reverberation.

ieXplore tour guide systems come in convenient rolling 36 unit charger cases and 12-unit charger carry cases for smaller group applications. Up to 8 channels can be used simultaneously for multilingual or simultaneous language translation applications.

ADA Compliance. Assistive Listening.

If you’ve visited a tourist attraction where tour guides have no choice but to raise their voices to be heard, you’ve experienced the challenge many guides and tour groups face – sound.

People want to experience every word from their guide, after all, that’s what they’ve come for. ieXplore tour guide systems offer teleloops for the hard of hearing. Teleloops are “designed to help people with hearing loss improve their auditory access in difficult and large-area listening situations.”

Every Story Told Beautifully

Introducing a great way to deliver pre-recorded commentary. By using the tour guide system with our audio guide, your tour guides, educators and staff members can talk and share pre-recorded commentary with their groups. The best part: Enhance your educational value by blending personalized live interpretation with pre-recorded audio tours.


Listening accessories for the hard of hearing, lapel microphones for training and teacher applications, and noise canceling head-worn boom microphones for noisy environments. Selecting the right accessories helps guides and listeners by providing a more comfortable audio experience, eliminating distractions for more effective communication.

“Our new tour guide system with audio guides is working out great for our customer tours. Our tour guides and tour helpers have high praise for the new system and its ease of use.”