Tour Services

Audio Tours. Made For Funness.

We’ve created unique audio tour experiences for different audiences, environments, and platforms with one primary goal in mind: to deliver fun and engaging tours, people remember.

Your audio tours are imaginative and dramatic, using immersive storytelling, making full use of theatrical sound. They are further enhanced by memorable narrators and characters. Learn more about audio tours.

Here’s an example of how we helped AVIS Rent a Car deliver fun and engaging tours on driving routes throughout the land of fire and ice, Iceland.

Script Writing. Stories Beautifully Told.

A good script can mean the difference between a great tour and a tour that falls flat. You need writers who have the expertise and “experience know how” to tell engaging, entertaining stories that sustain the interest of your audience. If you don’t invest in writing, even the best voice-over talents, music, and sound effects can’t save a poorly written script. Learn more about script writing.

Foreign Language Translation. Audience Appeal.

When we write for language and culture, we avoid things like slang, wordplay and puns. This is because they won’t be understood, or worse, may offend. Our focus is to make foreign language tours fun and entertaining, easy to understand, clear and familiar. That’s why we’ve developed a team of foreign language translators that know how to tell great stories. Learn why we write for language and for culture.

Sound Production. The Magic Behind the Tour.

It’s what lifts the sails – and gives your tour “life”. Our goal, from writing and foreign language translation to sound design and mixing, is to captivate imaginations. That’s why we don’t produce typical audio tours. Visitors want entertainment. Not a history lecture.

There are several aspects to making this happen. Here, we’ll discuss a few of them.

Audio Branding. Keep The Conversations Going.

Creating life lasting memories is what you should be about because it’s great for your customers AND your business. When you create an awesome experience and combine it with an amazing story, people will remember you. And they will tell others about it. This is why audio branding sets you apart from every other tour business in your market. You can create the ultimate audio tour experience through music, sound, and storytelling — all honed to perfection by our team and tailored completely to your brand. Find out why?


“I think the quality of our narration improved dramatically through the efforts of the team from AudioConexus. The experience, with all the sensory magic, brings a whole new life to the cruise. Well done!”