Audio Branding

Create Memories That Last a Lifetime.

Stories punctuated with music and sound effects create memorable images that stay with us. When this describes your audio tour experience, your brand is being effectively communicated. We call this audio branding. We develop audio tour experiences using a well honed process that expresses your corporate audio brand.

Audio Branding may be the last thing you think of when it comes to marketing your passenger experience. But as a sightseeing operator, the tour experience you offer communicates who you are and what you represent.

Creating life lasting memories is what you should be about because it’s great for your customers AND your business.

Audio Branding. Make Memories.

When you create an awesome experience and combine it with an amazing story, people will remember you. And they will tell others about it. This is why audio branding sets you apart from every other tour business in your market.

You can create the ultimate audio tour experience through music, sound, and storytelling — all honed to perfection by our team and tailored completely to your brand.

Keep Their Conversations Going.

Branding occurs when you connect with your customers by delivering on your promise of memorable tours. Branding helps set you apart from your competitors. This is especially important in the sightseeing industry where it can be hard for people to distinguish between product features and benefits.

Take for example, a city sightseeing tour. When visitors of a city get ready to take a sightseeing tour, most search websites or blogs to look for favourably reviewed tours.

When you’ve branded your tour, the reviews are more likely to reflect the memorable quality of your tour, and sway the perspective customer to choose you.

Your tour, after all, is distinctive.

This is especially important for international tour operators and foreign language travelers. Since they typically have few choices when it comes to sightseeing tours in their native tongue, they typically buy whatever is available with little loyalty or expectation for your brand.

Make Magic. Share Life.

Studies have shown audio branding works. Martin Lindstrom of the Brand Sense agency states,“there’s a 65% chance of a mood change when we hear a positive sound.” Your listeners don’t just listen to your tour, they connect with your experience on a deeper emotional level.

That’s why we create experiences that are authentic, engaging, entertaining and educational. Every tour is unique. And we’re proud to be doing something vital for your brand.

There is no doubt that the right audio tour can make a big impact on the success of your tours. That’s why we capture the essence of your brand, injecting life into it, by developing tours that exemplify your brand personality.

This is where magic happens!

Learn more about how our audio branding experience can help you build your sightseeing business and leave a lasting impression on your customers.