Commentary Integration Methodology

Commentary Integration. Designed by Experience.

One of the least understood aspects of creating and implementing a successful GPS-guided audio tour is the architectural design needed for the ultimate experience.

There are many elements that need to be orchestrated in order to pull it off successfully and you can’t assume that script writers or sound production companies have the expertise to create commentary that fits seamlessly into a GPS-guided audio tour. They simply don’t understand how the creative side meshes with the hardware side.

Unfortunately, there are manufacturers with no real world GPS commentary implementation experience who are only interested in selling you a system that will neither work for you or your visitors. AudioConexus is different!

Architecture is Everything.

AudioConexus has developed proprietary hardware and software that overcomes a variety of logistical challenges – both on land and over water.  Our end-to-end solution takes into consideration the most complex of operating environments and challenges including traffic patterns, construction zones, and mandatory alternative routes that can derail your tour business.

Because no two tour operators are the same, our Multilingual Commentary Integration methodology for managing commentary is also customized to your specific needs. We look at a variety of circumstances your tour will encounter such as how your tour will sound if your bus is stuck in traffic. We optimize your commentary to always sound ideal, regardless of extenuating circumstances.

A GPS-guided audio tour requires more than just great content and dependable hardware; it requires two levels of integration between the two and that is how our design architecture makes the difference.

Seamless Integration.

We have developed a Commentary Integration Methodology that focuses on tour development prior to us arriving on-site, right through to going live with your tours.

During the planning phase we create the architecture based on your route logistics (our on-site assessment and understating of your location) and then customize our approach for the script writing and sound production of your tours.

Once your commentary has been produced and approved, our installation team arrives for a second on-site visit to install your newly created commentary into the hardware. We will test the entire system to ensure everything is good to go.

When the testing phase is completed we will take the time to train your team and help them become completely comfortable with managing all aspects of your new system. They will be confident and competent to run all software and hardware.

One thing that makes AudioConexus different from all the other companies is that we are there for you every step of the way and we will be here for you in the long run. If you ever need help, we are a phone call away!

Turnkey Solutions that Work.

It is difficult to overstate the importance of working with a team that knows how to make a GPS Guided Tour work for your business.

You must have the training and experience to seamlessly integrate your content into the hardware. It takes knowledge to develop a program that works with your unique tour circumstances. And it’s essential to partner with a team who has your best interest at heart. Off the shelf systems only guarantee disappointment in the long term and unhappy passengers are detrimental to your bottom line.

That’s why we have a no nonsense guide to getting commentary integration right. Call us and request your free copy of our eBook “Multilingual Commentary Systems – What You Need To Know Before You Buy.” We’re happy to answer any questions you may have.

Call AudioConexus today for a free consultation and let us show you the best insurance against failed tours. We can provide you with the best passenger entertainment experience in the industry.