Foreign Language Translation Services

Design For Language. And Culture.

Getting foreign language translation services right is important for three reasons:

  1. You can’t do literal translations of your English script, or your project will fail.
  2. You need to write for the particular culture of a language.
  3. You need storytellers that translate and adapt – not translators that aren’t storytellers.

Wanted. Storytellers.

When creating audio tours in more than one language, we have a well honed process in place to deliver high-quality tours that are engaging and entertaining.

Foreign language translation services are completed using experienced storytellers and professional voice talents. Our foreign language translation methodology means that two translators work together for quality assurance.

During this process, our translators are not doing literal translations of your script. Since it often takes more time to say the same thing in another language, a literal translation of English will not work. This is because literal foreign language translations of an English script will create audio segments that vary widely in lengths of time.

That’s why our foreign language storytellers capture the essence of stories, add meaning and context, while taking into consideration audience and cultural sensitivity.

Foreign Language Translation Services. Audience Appeal.

When we write for language and culture, we avoid things like slang, wordplay and puns. This is because they won’t be understood, or worse, may offend.

Our focus is to make foreign language tours fun and entertaining, easy to understand, clear and familiar.

After our foreign language script translations are done, we then vet our translated scripts through our voice talents. We take this additional step for Quality of Experience.

Timing is Everything.

Timing is essential for GPS tours. During our initial on-site visit, a Timing Template is created as a guideline for our writers. This timing guideline results from our on-site assessment of high and low traffic scenarios, tidal changes, alternative routes, tour stops, safety, announcements, and discrete ad placements to name a few.

Our tour commentaries begin and end at the same time (in all languages).

Better Tours. Moving Experiences.

When it comes to providing GPS tour entertainment we’re always thinking about your next point of interest. That’s why we’ve developed a team of foreign language translators that know how to tell great stories.

When we write foreign language tours, we write for language and culture.

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