Script Writing For Audio Tours

Script Writing

We’ve written audio tour scripts for buses, boats, trains, and trolleys. We’ve written for museums, historic sites, traveling exhibits and attractions. From real estate to racing cars, from factory tours to Pharma, our team of experienced writers have traveled to, and written for organizations’ on five continents.

Get What You’d Expect.

Script writing for audio tours is a specialized discipline. How so?

When we think of writing, we often think of writers creating books, writing for magazines, newspapers, and blogs. This is “creative writing”. This style of writing is meant to be read silently – not heard. Creative script writing relies on description to “paint the picture” of what’s happening, or what’s important. Script writing for tours requires less descriptive words, because the audience “gets the picture” with the additional benefit of professional voice talents and sound designers.

Audio tour scripts consist of stories that are designed to be accompanied by music and sound effects. This is called: “writing for the ear”.

Make Memorable Experiences.

“Writing for the ear” is different than writing for the mind’s eye.

The audio tour script is designed to be integrated with music and sound effects, in order to create a moving, personal experience.

A good script can mean the difference between a great tour and a tour that falls flat. You need writers who have the expertise and “experience know how” to tell engaging, entertaining stories that sustain the interest of your audience. If you don’t invest in writing, even the best voice-over talents, music, and sound effects can’t save a poorly written script.

People don’t respond well to the mere recitation of facts and figures. However, they always connect with well-told stories. You can count on a great story to capture the imagination of your audience.

Writing That Feels Natural. Fun.

Audio tour scripts are written using very simple, easy to understand words. They communicate messages that are crystal clear. A well written audio tour sounds familiar. Listeners feel like they’re in the middle of a great conversation.

Imagine sitting with a friend at a bar, sharing a story about your recent travels. You wouldn’t talk with them in a formal tone, or use polysyllabic words to describe your “zip-line” experience through a rain forest canopy. Neither do we.

It’s not uncommon for an audio tour to use short sentences, or even sentence fragments to describe what the audience is seeing all around them. Remember – it’s conversational.

Just like your conversation with a friend, audio tours offer the opportunity for your guests to “bond” with professional narrators. Great narratives require great writers who know how to tell captivating stories – the essence of a great audio tour experience.

Sound Design. A Great Place to Start.

Writers who know how to write for the ear write audio tour scripts with a sound-scape in mind.

So what’s a sound-scape? When writing an audio tour, seasoned writers are already thinking about a fully enhanced audio experience, supporting the narrative with thematic and atmospheric music, secondary voices, sound effects, and sound-scape ambiance. These aspects of the tour, namely the “sound”, have the power to produce emotional responses and set the mood experienced by your visitors.

Investing Beyond Words

Even if the scripts reads well on paper – it will not necessarily “perform” well when placed in front of voice talents and actors.

If you’re considering an audio tour, we recommend making the investment in a professional writer who has a portfolio of sound productions. It’s best to select a writer that is well versed in writing for the ear, as we have defined it. This will help to elevate your audio tour from good to great.