Sound Design and Production

Seamless Integration. Sound Productions.

Our sound productions studios record, edit, and mix award winning productions in the broadcasting, television, film and animation industries. Since 2006, we’ve been producing multilingual audio tours for tourism’s premier brands. Companies like Merlin Entertainment, the Sands Corporation, Gray Line, City Sightseeing, Avis, Atlantis Adventures, Caesars Entertainment and the Dole Plantation to name a few.

We’ve also worked with many smaller organizations who simply want the very best in entertainment for their visitors.

So why are sound productions an important component of the Creative process?

The Magic Behind the Tour.

It’s what lifts the sails – and gives your tour “life”. Our goal, from writing and foreign language translation to sound design and mixing, is to captivate imaginations.

That’s why we don’t produce typical audio tours. Visitors want entertainment. Not a history lecture.

There are several aspects to making this happen. Here, we’ll discuss a few of them.

Professional Narration.

When it comes to delivering your tour, it’s important to work with the pros. Narration is a key component of delivering a great tour. Not only do you want great voices, you need to get the inflections and tone right. You also need professional recording equipment, with no ambient noise, with crystal clear sound.

That’s why we provide you with several voice talent samples that we think will fit perfectly into your tour.

We work with only the best and that means you’re getting top notch talent – always. Additionally, we work with voice talents around the world to address your unique requirements. This includes character actors, sound alikes, and of course – narrators.

Music. Very Well Connected.

We are tapped into the largest music libraries on the planet. If there’s a particular style of music you’re looking for, we can find it.

All of our enhanced audio tours include music because music evokes images and emotional responses. Stories and music captivate people’s imaginations. We understand the power of music. And what it means for your tour experiences.

Sound Effects. The Complete Experience.

Sound effects help us to tell stories. We use sound effects to complete the experience – and to enhance it. There is a long history of sound effects in cinema and in television.

Can you imagine watching Star Wars without the sound of the lightsaber?

Sound effects are used for enhancement or can be created. Used at the right time, they’re vital to the way we tell stories. They can be anything from a creaking door to the sound of a raven’s call – which set the tone and the mood for your tours. We’re always careful not to overdo it, placing sounds at just the right moment – to bring people to different times and places.

Spoken Word Only or Enhanced Sound Productions?

We’ve produced many different kinds of tours for our customers. Sometimes, the question of what gets produced comes down to budgets.

With that said, we always recommend fully enhanced experiences for your customers. This is because your tour will be remembered – not the device people used to hear it.

The best way we can illustrate this point is by providing you with the difference between spoken word only and an enhanced segment – with music and sound effects.

While we produce both options – listen for yourself. Click “play” to listen to the audio samples below:

The Silk Road. Spoken Word.

Audio clip: Adobe Flash Player (version 9 or above) is required to play this audio clip. Download the latest version here. You also need to have JavaScript enabled in your browser.

The Silk Road. Mixed with Music and Sound Effects.

Audio clip: Adobe Flash Player (version 9 or above) is required to play this audio clip. Download the latest version here. You also need to have JavaScript enabled in your browser.

Mixing It Up. Beautifully.

We spend a lot of time editing and mixing – to get your tours just right. When our professional narrators are recording your tour, we’re researching music and sound effects. This is a process. We’re creating your tour from a thematic and branding perspective, as well as looking for music that evokes the kinds of emotional responses we want from particular narratives.

Where the magic happens is in the mixing and editing. Our sound editors are the unsung heroes of sound productions. They are focused on polishing the audio tour to enhance the experience – everything involved in post-production services. This includes editing dialogue, rerecording if necessary, to best capture the qualities of our voice narration and sound design.

Sound design is the process of enhancing the experience with additional sound effects, voice editing, and music editing. And finally – mixing. This means finely adjusting levels to create a seamless and harmonious experience from start to finish – using state-of-the-art studio equipment and software.

The result – the reason why leading tourism companies choose us.